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Biography of Dr. Dianne M. Fernandez, DC

Dr. Dianne M. Fernandez (Dr. Dianne) has been actively involved with the chiropractic profession for over 35 years, first as a Chiropractic Assistant for over 7 years, then as a practicing chiropractor for 20 years – and then as a consultant to other Chiropractors for 8 years.

She has earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of the State of New York and Doctor of Chiropractic from Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA.

Dr. Fernandez has post-graduate training in Neurology from the Carrick Institute for Post-Doctoral Neurology Clinical Neuroscience Program and the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

She has lectured extensively in her community on a wide array of topics ranging from business networking, industrial consulting, community relations, commonly treated chiropractic health conditions and automobile safety education.

Dr. Dianne’s practice experience spans 20 years of active practice with intense focus on the areas of Personal Injury, Neurology, Nutrition and Scoliosis Management.  She has been on a life long journey to find more effective ways to relieve the suffering of people experiencing chronic long standing pain of the neck and back, and those in acute pain as a result of traumatically induced injuries.

In the course of active chiropractic practice, she has worked closely with physicians practicing in the fields of Neurology, Podiatry, Dermatology, Osteopathy, Orthopedics and Pain Management. It is this unique holistic approach to patient care that has fostered a cooperative environment where large numbers of patients visit her clinic for a broad spectrum of healthcare needs.

Dr. Fernandez has lectured all across the United States, teaching Attorney’s, Doctors of Chiropractic, Doctors of Osteopathy, and Medical Doctors on how to diagnose and treat neck and back pain. She has had great success in the treatment of traumatically injured patients, intervertebral disc injuries, nutritional deficiencies and treating patients suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy.

A strong concern for the well-being of her patients, a well trained staff, and the most modern equipment and procedures available for treating patients suffering from low back and neck pain is the combination of ingredients you will find when you visit Dr. Dianne Fernandez.